Rallying to Preserve Our Historic SCCA Rally Archives

They came before us. They laid down the trails we still go down. And we are greatful to those who saved records, photos, videos, programs and other trivia from the Sports Car Club of America's first 73-years of history!

The SCCA Archives have been delivered to the International Motor Racing Research Center (IMRRC) in Watkins Glen, NY. In 2017, the inventory of the 2000-cubic-feet of treasures will begin.

Because the Rallymaster of the 2017 United States Road Rally Challenge (USRRC), which will be run in Alaska over the September 15-17, 2017 weekend, is a perennial fundraiser for causes important to her, the 2017 USRRC will have that component associated with it too! 

The great part is that we can all raise funds for this cause! We are using the USRRC 2017 to bring awareness to the IMRRC and the SCCA Archives project, and we are raising funds for the conservation, archiving, and digitizing of our SCCA Rally archives. 

While Rallyists may choose to do this as a part of their participation in the USRRC (and the first four individuals with $2500 raised by March 28, 2017 get their ticket to Alaska covered) — all Rally enthusiasts can help us bring attention to the archive project at the IMRRC! 

Ready to join the fundraising team and help our Rallying to Preserve Our Historic SCCA Rally Archives fundraising campaign through peer-to-peer fundraising? Join us with your own peer-to-peer fundraising page and reach out to your family, friends, co-workers, and fellow SCCA Members via emails and social media! Send an email to usrrc17enews@comeroadrallywith.us for details!

The SCCA Foundation, has accepted our restricted donation that 75% of the funds raised go toward the conservation, archiving, and digitizing of Road Rally and 25% of the funds raised go toward ProRally. They will receive the funds and pass them along to the IMRRC. Should any funds remain after the Road Rally work is complete, it has been setup so remaining funds go toward the ProRally archives.

Further, the USRRC's North to Alaska 2017 Adventure will be striving to bring awareness to this very Road Rally and ProRally Community that the IMRRC is a logical repository for our Rally archives — there are many of you who have treasure troves of old Rally history in the form of event mailings, standings, videos and photos! We need to seek a safe place for them to serve the generations to come.

Those Rallying to Preserve our SCCA Rally Archives!

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